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Beauty Tip: Saying NO for self care!

Hi there… It’s Esther here!

I want to talk to you today about one of the most important words that you can use to take care of yourself. You may have already guessed it, the word is NO.

This little word is an amazing tool that you can use to keep your time, energy and life under control. It can also cause some stress and drama when you first start using it…..

It’s hard to tell your boss no you can’t work extra, your husband you can’t do his errands or your kid you can’t deliver her lunch! I’m sure you have your own list of things you wish you could say no to. ‘

The truth is that once you start the people in your life will soon get used to it, and they will respect your time more.

Think about the week ahead and how you can use NO to help you find more time for the things that are most important to you!

P.S. You are an Original model. Be the best version of yourself today & Everyday!

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Until next time… ♥ Esther_TheEsthetician.