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Hello there, It’s EstherTheEsthetician here with another blog post for you.

I’m beyond Thankful! Truth be told… I don’t know where to start with this update.

Why? Because this month has extra special meaning to me now… plus I want to do sooo much, however, I can’t do everything that’s in my heart, mind, and soul.

To start off… Around this time last year, I was ”officially” diagnosed with stage 3️⃣ breast cancer.

In no time flat, I went from never having a surgery in my life… To having 3!!!! 

Let’s not forget the countless weekly blood draws… (I’m terrified of needles BTW)

YUP! I’m a grown adult in her 30s that FREAKSOUT at the sight of needles


Now, I’ve always been a proud supporter of this organization… Dating back to ~2010.

Back when I was an Avon Rep while working a full time job as a government employee…

Selling Avon products to my coworkers & at flea markets on the weekends. (you see, I’ve always had a hustling bone in my body)

In middle school in Mr. Kings class I chose to write my paper on Breast Cancer…. It’s like the universe has been sending me signs and preparing ahead way back in the days.

While in college  I supported through Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) & Student Government


So, no… I’m not ”all of a sudden” a big supporter because I was diagnosed with cancer…. I’ve always been a supporter who donates and participate in the fight against Breast Cancer.

For the first time, I’ve decided to start a team of my own this year.

I would love your help and support with the mission this year. Please join the team, Donate what you can to help, and share this post with the link below.

I would love to see you out there on Saturday morning, the 19th of. October (about two weeks from today).

***By the way… As of today, Both chemo and my double mastectomy is in the rear view mirror….

I’ve finally hit the halfway mark along my radiation treatment journey. I’ve completed 14 of of my 28 treatments



1. FREE FACIALS FOR YOUNG BREAST CANCER FIGHTER. Because I know what it’s like – I’ve decided to provide a free facial to any young women who is currently under treatments to battle Breast Cancer and/or who recently defeated the C-monster.

I know you have a lot on your plate… I just want to attempt to ease your mind for about an hour. Help to brighten your day… Even if only for 45 minutes. I will be posting details about it tonight on my blog.

2. JOIN our Breast Cancer awareness team/donate What you can to help with this the ongoing battle against Breast Cancer:

3. DO YOUR PART & Take control and take charge of your heath, no one will ever know your body they way you do. So, if you’ve been putting it off for a while now, please  go and have your mammogram done.

4. NEW GADGETS coming in this months: Blackhead and Whitehead Extraction tools coming in October 12th 2019. Allow me to help you unclog your pores for you. Don’t you wanna be a Pore star?

Regardless of the outcome… Remember this, it’s not the end of the world! You’re a lot strong than you realize. And we are only given what we can handle in life.

Now, go and pull-on your grown up undergarments and get ready to WIN . Winning over the situation is your only option.

To see pics and videos along the journey visit my personal IG PAGE

Thanks in advance for your positive vibes, prayers, love, and continued support.

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Wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous day!


Esther “TheEsthetician” Nelson


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