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Top 5 Gift Ideas

Everyone on your list wants gifts yet, many are too shy/scared/embarrassed to answer when you ask them what they want. Ugh?!? Find a gift a idea for everyone on your list this year. Read to find the best

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How to Get Exactly what you want for Christmas

Let’s have a chat about how you can get what you want Christmas this year. One of the main reasons why most people don’t get what they wan for Christmas or in life, in general, is because&...

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Appreciate Being Single People

Start to Appreciate Being Single People! Being single is not a problem to be solved. Appreciate being single because that’s when you get to grow my dear…

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Best Part Facial Treatments

What’s the point of professional facial treatments? With today’s blog article, I will be sharing that with you. After reading this blog article, you will know exactly…

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Top 4 most important BRAZILIAN ETIQUETTES. ™Luxury Lotus Spa

When it comes to Brazilian wax etiquette, did you know, wax can only be performed on healthy skin. If you have a condition like psoriasis or an STD that causes sores, postpone your… Click read more

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Meet your Favorite EstherTheEsthetician FOR LUXURY LOTUS SPA in Tampa, Florida. ™Luxury Lotus Spa

Learn more about your favorite Tampa, Florida Esthetician. Helping you see clear, smooth, and even skin while promoting inner beauty…

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Take one for your Health ™Luxury Lotus Spa

Take charge of your health Breast Cancer Awareness month is upon us. The crazy thing is… Breast Cancer does not care about your age. Including those in their 20s or 30s+. No more excuses….

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What’s the Benefits of Professional Facial with an esthetician? ™Luxury Lotus Spa

Many Blacks/African American men and women struggle with it, however, very few realize there are treatments available. Let’s talk about the benefits of facials…

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What are the benefits of back facial treatments?. ™Luxury Lotus Spa

Let’s be honest, often times when we don’t know about something we assume that it is pointless or just a waste of our time. However, today I have chosen to talk about both the good the bad

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F.A.Q: How Do I Clear My Acne & Acne Scars for Good? ™Luxury Lotus Spa

These eleven (11) tips are absolutely my favorite for a more clear, smooth, and even skin complexion in a matter of days! Within this blog post you find out how I cleared my acne & acne scars for

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