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Hi there -It’s Esther The Esthetician here,

today we are talking about everything you must know about acne

At some point in our lives, we have had experienced, or will have to experience having acne.


No way to instantly treat all of our acne that we accumulated overtime- overnight.

One treatment before a special event is not enough to get the job done.

Acne is the nasty skin problem that affects everyone’s confidence and self-esteem.

Your willingness to be consistent with a simple and easy to follow regimen will get you a lot farther than hoping on the latest bandwagon.

Acne problems can bring negative emotions to anyone (I’ve been there!) – some actually encounter bouts of depression because of the acne.

Everyone is vulnerable to acne regardless of their gender, age, or status.

When seeing a skin professional… be willing to truly listen to their suggestions to purchase a kit that will help you… instead of picking and choosing a couple products from the kit based on your budget and expecting to see the same results you would see with the full kit.

Sometimes, it’s easier and makes more sense to budget for the kit first, and later the Professional Facial Treatment.

Similar to seeing a personal trainer, if you are not eating right and working out on your own like your trainer suggested… can you really expect to see results?

I often use this statistic-analogy that I learned from an educational seminar.

1:59 – You see a license professional once per month. Yet, you have 59 opportunities to take care of your skin (morning & night time skin care routine)

Be CONSISTENT with your regimen.

There have been reports saying that severe acne dilemmas reduce productivity and employability.

This may seem absurd since some diseases and disorders like epilepsy, narcolepsy, scoliosis, and a lot more are usually the ones that affect employability and productivity, but the truth is, acne is also part of the list.

This makes life harder for those who cannot afford consultations and treatments from dermatologists.”

What’s you regimen/routine like? Share below for a chance to be featured.

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Until next time… remember this: you are an original model. Be the best version of yourself today & every day! See you back again soon ♥

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