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The Real Reason Why You Shouldn’t Pop Pimples

Why You Shouldn’t Pop Pimples

At-home popping can create a slew of problems, making professional care vital in acne treatment.

We all hate breakouts when they occur, and it can be very tempting to squeeze them in an attempt to get rid of them quickly – but there are plenty reasons not to do exactly that. When you pop a pimple, you are actually making it harder for your skin to heal and can generate additional breakouts.

On top of ripping open your skin, which can create discolorations as the lesion heals, the dirt and bacteria from your fingers can cause infection. Popping pimples can also lead to scabbing, or even scarring (much worse than a temporary pimple). 


Skincare professionals like myself can perform an extraction instead,

which is much more hygienic. I use a tool specifically designed to unblock clogged pores, wear gloves and clean the area as I go. Although I’m licensed and skilled to perform skin care and Nails treatment. I choose to focus on the area I am most passionate about, Skin Care.

I make sure to stay on top of my continuing education so that I continue learning new and innovative ways to treat your skin. Trust the Expert on all things Skin Care and Waxing.


Everyone’s breakouts are a little different and require different treatments –

everything from daily cleansers with benzoyl peroxide for regular breakouts, to spot treatments for an occasional pimple. Acne Cream and Acne Gel have expertly formulated spot treatments for breakouts. Bonus: Acne Gel can be used full face!

For a recommendation of how to treat your acne, visit my appointment book at and schedule a complimentary skin care/product consultation with Tampa Bay’s Best skincare professional.


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