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Meet your Skins new BFF

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Meet your Skins new BFF A gentle cleansing bar that soothes and supports dry skin. It also Soothe and improve dry skin concerns, including psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis, all over the body, even on the scalp

Controls and fights the recurrence of itching, redness, flaking and irritation with 3% salicylic acid Gentle enough to be used daily Dry Skin Relief Bar® is a gentle cleansing bar that soothes and supports dry skin conditions, including psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis, with salicylic acid, hydrating ingredients( such as glycerin & aloe Vera leaf juice) and antioxidants.

Did I mention that’s gentle enough for you to be able to use it daily? It’s uniquely packaged in a jar, this bar is easy to take to the gym or can be left in the shower for convenience.

This is one of my all time FAVORITES!! Mainly because I have a bad case of excessively dry skin. To find out if you have dry/dehydrated skin do the following: cleanse your skin 2x with your favorite cleanser, then, wait 20-25 minutes before you go and look in the mirror.

If your skin is dry like mine… you will notice a white/dry & ashy cast over the area… If you’re more oily… like my t-zone area… you’ll notice that “greasy /oily glow”


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I’m a Certified Skin Care Specialist, licensed aesthetician, and nail technician. My journey to becoming a beauty expert goes back to 2010 with my own personal struggle with acne. It is through my work learning how to first improve my own skincare, and then my passion to bring this knowledge to others, that I came to truly understand this guiding principle: Beauty is a state of mind as much as a physical way of being.

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