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Coffee and your skin - What you must know

 3 caffeine benefits in skincare ♥ Why you need coffee  ♥ The benefits may surprise you

♥Protect ♥prevent & ♥Refresh


Are you ready for a quick energy boost! Now that the spring semester has officially started are you struggling to stay awake in class?

 Caffeine is a regular part of most people’s morning routines, “I’m not a morning person, I’m a coffee person.” However, caffeine is being found in another part of your morning routine – your skincare products. Caffeine is a powerful anti-aging and anti-inflammatory ingredient. It’s used in products ranging from eye creams to moisturizers to your favorite sunscreeen (SPFs). 

1. Caffeine fights free radical damage and premature aging
As an antioxidant, caffeine protects skin from free radicals. Think of your skin as an apple slice. As the apple is exposed to the air, free radicals begin to oxidize the surface of the fruit, causing it to discolor and lose its original texture. The same thing happens to our skin (only much slower), causing premature signs of visible aging. Antioxidants, such as caffeine, inhibit free radicals from damaging the skin, preventing discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles. 

2. Caffeine enhances your sun protection
Just like how coffee gives you a boost in the morning, caffeine gives your SPF a boost. Antioxidants work to slow and repair sun damage, while traditional sunscreen ingredients absorb or scatter sun rays before they enter your skin. The combination is improved sun protection. Look for a broad spectrum SPF with caffeine to prevent sun damage, the #1 cause of premature aging. 
3. Caffeine wakes up skin
Hurry!! Go grab a cup of coffee!! Drinking caffeine increases energy and blood flow and so does applying it topically. When applied to the skin, caffeine stimulates circulation, increasing the overall perkiness of your skin. Increased blood flow delivers much needed oxygen to skin, de-puffing and brightening tired looking skin. 
With benefits such as brighter skin and reduced fine lines and wrinkles, skincare products may become your new morning cup of Joe.
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