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International Women’s Day

We made it to another new month! Next stop

– a new world?

It’s International Women’s Day and the question of the day is: how will you Press for Progress? #PressForProgress

Found this great article by Simran I think you MK gut find useful.

by Simran Khurana

“If you thought that women’s liberation has reached its zenith, think again.

Though many women in progressive societies enjoy some liberty, several thousands of them are suppressed and tortured under the garb of morality.

Gender discrimination exists at all levels.

At the workplace, where gender inequalities are brushed under the carpet, women workers are often subjected to sexual objectification, harassment, and molestation. ”


Last year, 9 out of the 10 most-viewed Women’s Day videos were created by channels outside the US, and “Mom, I’m Not a Virgin!” from India’s woman-run channel Girliyapa topped the charts.

Also, McDonalds Flips it’s Golden Arches sign on social media upside down. A McDonald in California followed right along.