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My Favorite Fall Friendly Skin Care Tips

My Favorite Fall Friendly Skin Care Tips

Luxury Lotus Spa Fall Skin Care Tips

The seasonal transition from Summer to Fall is tough on your skin.

Cool, dry air robs skin of its moisture, and before you know it you’re dealing with dehydration, flaking, and discomfort.

To make sure your skin makes it through the seasonal change seamlessly, I wanted to give your skin all the help it will need to make it through fall and winter!

Here are my Favorite Fall-friendly skin care tips:

  • Up your moisturizer. your skin care routine is like your wardrobe – I recommend that my clients change what they put on their skin just as they change what they wear as the weather cools down. You need to layer up with a richer moisturizer to help prevent moisture loss, and replenish it when it happens.
  • Hydrate from the inside out. Hot coffees, teas, and alcoholic beverages become more popular during the colder months, but caffeine and alcohol are dehydrating. Nearly every esthetician would recommend upping your water consumption to ensure that the effects of dehydration don’t start showing on your skin.
  • Consider swapping your cleanser, too. The focus for Fall skin care tends to be increasing your skin’s moisture levels, but I  strongly believe the dry skin culprit could be your cleanser! The same cleanser that removes excess dirt and oil from Summer skin could be too harsh for drier, more sensitive Fall skin. I recommend changing your cleanser. Look for a cream or olive oil-based formula that will comfortably cleanse skin, without leaving it feeling tight and stripped.
  • Don’t forget barrier repair. Your skin is covered in a protective layer called the hydrolipidic barrier – a mix of water and oil (lipids) produced in the skin’s sebaceous glands. While maintaining a layer of oil on your skin might sound like a bad thing, it actually protects your skin, and keeps its moisture level in check. Incorporate a facial serum with repairing and strengthening ceramides into your daily routine to fix dryness caused by a loss of lipids.If you’re concerned about adding time to your routine, I recommend adding the serum right into your moisturizer. It cuts a step without sacrificing the health of your skin!
  • Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Another popular esthetician recommendation is exfoliation. Dry, dehydrated skin becomes flaky, producing a layer of dead skin cells that can prevent the complete penetration of active ingredients in your skin care. Regular exfoliation is essential in order to remove these cells, and ensure your products can do their job. Switch to a chemical exfoliator like Enzyme or Chemical Peel, instead of a manual scrub, to avoid cold-weather irritation.
  • Sunscreen isn’t just for summer. Cooler weather might be forcing you indoors, but that doesn’t mean you can skip the daily sunscreen. Two-thirds of sun exposure is incidental. It occurs during daily activities like your commute or running errands. Stay protected by applying a broad spectrum sunscreen every day as the last step in your skin care routine. Check out my past blog post on sunscreen
  • Don’t be a stranger to your spa. Book regular appointments with your skin care professional to ensure he/she’s in the know when it comes to the changes that happen in your skin throughout the year, and can recommend exactly what it needs when cold-weather concerns arise. Call a call/text Luxury Lotus Spa  To book a complimentary skin care consultation and get on a professional treatment schedule, so your skin stays in check this Fall – no matter what!

Have more questions about your Fall skin concerns? Simply comment below with your question(s) and I will respond back as soon as possible.

-💕Esther_TheEsthetician (IG)