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What are the benefits of back facial treatments?. ™Luxury Lotus Spa

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Hello there! It’s Esther The Esthetician here. Today’s blog post is about What are the benefits of Back Facial treatments. Let’s be honest, often times when we don’t know about something we assume that it is pointless or just a waste of our time. However, today I have chosen to talk about both the good the bad and the oh so nasty side of back facial treatments. Read on to find out more…


Best description back facials

Just like most other facials, back facials are relaxing. it is a way to cleanse, exfoliate, and treat an area you can’t really reach on your own. Both men and women enjoy back facial to combat acne and post acne scars. Back facials, are amazing even if you don’t suffer from acne or acne scars. It will exfoliate the dea skin and deeply moisturize your skin.

Why should I book a back facial?

Can you really afford not to? 🤨 The average person can barely reach half of their back fully while taking a shower. That’s why Back facials are essential! Because, Not only are you exfoliating dead skin on your back. Your also treat that unwanted acne and post acne scarring on you back that’s holding you back.

We live in the beautiful state of Florida!!! We are surrounded by beaches… Don’t allow the embarrassment of the acne/acne scars to keep you from enjoying your life. People fly from all over the world to come enjoy the beach here in the sunshine state.

Book your back-facial body-treatment today

We will do a deep cleanse to remove the build up of dirt, oil, and bacteria, exfoliating all the dead skin that’s just chilling on your back. We will also apply a customized mask to treat the skin… it’s just the icing on the cake my friend.

We will finish the treat the best serums and moisturizers for your skin type. Full article will be available on our blog page tonight. WHY WAIT?!?! Schedule your back facial today.

What’s Price of Back Facials?

Generally back facials range between $90 and $125+ depending on your end goals. for example, are you looking to have a back back facial? or, do you need to advance treatments like microderm, chemical peels, or hydra-facial treatment, and etc. During your skin care consultation visit; your esthetician will work with you to determine the best treatment for you according to your skin care goals… do you just need a nice clean and exfoliate or do you need more advance skin care treatments for your back?

What’s Next?

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Facial spa in tampa, florida for women with darker skin tone, black women and men

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