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Is my skin sensitive or sensitized? ™Luxury Lotus Spa

Ever noticed how some products irritate your skin? Sensitive vs. sensitized skin here’s how to tell the difference…

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Setting Realistic Goals & Expectations for Clear and Even Skin with your Esthetician ™Luxury Lotus Spa

There have been reports saying that severe acne dilemmas reduce productivity and employability.
This may seem absurd since some diseases and disorders like epilepsy, narcolepsy, scoliosis, and a lot

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How old is your skin? Learn How to Take Control Of How You Age ™ Luxury Lotus Spa

While it’s true that genetics play a role, there are many other factors in determining how your skin will age. Things like…

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10 Tips For The Acne-Prone Skin For women with Ethnic Skin complexion

Tips Tor The Acne‑ProneDealing with Acne is Hard, but I’m here to make it a little easier10 ways to help prevent acneChange your pillowcase every other day, as pillowcases can house

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What’s the Point of Having a Daily Skin Care Routine ™Luxury Lotus Spa

Daily skin care is essential for optimal skin health. There are four steps that should be included in every skin care routine: cleanse, correct, hydrate and protect.

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The truth about Acne | For Women with Dark Skin Tone ™Luxury Lotus Spa

At some point in our lives, we have had experienced, or will have to experience having acne. THERE’S NO MAGIC PILL FOR THE CURE. No way to instantly treat all of our acne that we accumulated overtime-

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How to Find the Best Blush Shade for Men and Women with Darker Skin Complexion ™Luxury Lotus Spa

Trying to find the best blush for your beautiful melanin skin tone can be challenging. If you’re like most of my client you can run into a lot of trouble trying to pick out the most flattering shade

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10 facts about how to properly treat 20-something skin for men and women with darker skin tones ™Luxury Lotus Spa

As a young adult in your twenties, you are possibly already contemplating ways to prevent signs of aging.  You are also likely faced with concerns surrounding oily areas, clogged pores, and periodic

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Psoriasis 101 | Did you know that scalp Psoriasis was a thing? | What is psoriasis? And how do you treat it?

Psoriasis 101 Did you know you Scalp Psoriasis was a thing? Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that causes recurring raised, red, scaly patches to appear on the skin. An outbreak of these patches

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