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Benefits of Peels Treatments – Q & A TIME

benefits of chemical peels for acne, ance scars, ingrown hair, pitting, and melasmaclear and even skin products for black women

Benefits of Peel Treatments. So, what are the Benefits of Peels & Microdermabrasion Treatments? Hi there, it’s Esther the Esthetician here, with another blog article for you. Today, it’s time for some Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q/Q&A. Please remember to Share this post with 3 people who might find this article useful.

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First, a clear, smooth, & even skin complexion is lying just beneath the surface of your skin—and doctors have found that this classic treatment is the fastest way there.

Peels can make your skin—and skin-care products—work better; Benefits of Peels Treatments includes

Uniquely, chemical peels are amazing! because, In just minutes, the acids lift away dead cells and trigger a lovely chain reaction. As that topmost layer is shed, signals are sent to the living cells below

  • to multiply and move up,
  • Increase collagen production,
  • to make more hyaluronic acid—to help your skin act younger

Of course, peels help you get rid of dead skin and also offers smoother skin that’s both more radiant and more compliant.

Do you know why your skin-care products perform better after a peel or microderm treatment? Great benefits of peels and treatments are?

It’s because there are little to no dead skin cells holding the product back from penetration.

Peels & Microdermabrasion treatments can make your skin care products work better.clear and even skin products for black women

Great benefits of peel treatments: They’re low-risk, and you can go custom with your peel/microderm treatment. 

Rest assure, there are chemical peels that are safe to use on every skin color without risk of hyperpigmentation. For men and women with highly-melanated skin like myself, it’s usually a worry. Peels and microderm treatments are amazing! however, if you go to someone who doesn’t understand your skin… You could end up with more problems than you started with.

Here at Luxury Lotus Spa, we know that using low percentages of multiple acids gives a better outcome with less irritation than a single acid at a higher strength,

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Estheticians and Doctors have plenty of premixed cocktails to choose from. Two of our favorites are:

  • Enzyme Peel
  • Sensi Peel – which mixes trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and lactic acid to rev up collagen synthesis deep down and dissolve the dead skin on top.

A lot of estheticians & doctors often cook up their own peel cocktail/recipes to address very specific skin concerns. For those stubborn brown spots, we add a pinch of our intensive clarity, brightening, or aging retinol serum. We pair some of our peels with LED Light Therapy. And when treating those same spots on sensitive skin we adjust the cocktail recipes and protocol accordingly.

tips-for-acne-acne-scars-prone-skin, best acne scars Facial Treatment.

The right peel treatment can end acne and minimize the scars that come post-acne.

In addition, Salicylic acid peels and Jessner’s peels (equal parts salicylic acid, lactic acid, and resorcinol, an antiseptic exfoliant); gets deep into your skin to unclog pores, while also, skimming the surface of your skin to remove blackheads and fade those stubborn post-pimple brown spots/marks.

What are other benefits of salicylic acid peel treatments:

Well, Salicylic acids linger around in your pores, – continues to keep them clear over time.

As a matter of fact, a clinical professor of dermatology at Emory University in Atlanta, named Harold J. Brody, says, to improve pitted acne scars, start by targeting individual divots/pitting spots with a high percentage of TCA before applying a weaker acid to the rest of the face to promote a smooth and even appearance to the skin.

Moreover, he believes this method beats most resurfacing lasers, plus there’s little to no downtime and it’s safe for all Fitzpatrick/skin colors. In like manner, he prefers treating acne scars with peels over laser treatments. Also, he stated, “It’s really disheartening when someone gets a flare-up of the very thing that left him/her with scars in the first place.

Benefits of Peels Treatments , how to stop hiding behind make up clear and even skin for black women

Nothing controls melasma better than consistent & predictable peel treatments paired with home care

Benefits of Peels Treatments

Equally important, there isn’t a permanent cure for the recurring sun-triggered dark patches brought on by hormonal surges (like those caused by pregnancy and the Pill), however, chemical peels paired with at-home treatments/creams, high-SPF broad-spectrum sunscreen, and strict sun avoidance will give you a fighting chance.

By the same token, Cheryl Burges, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C stated using lasers may claim to be able to help manage Melasma, however, “they’re essentially trying to treat a light- and heat-sensitive condition with light and heat,”.

Also, even when a laser does remove the splotches initially, the pigment often reappears within weeks. So, it becomes a major investment for a quick/temporary result.


Q: What are the benefits of peels & Treatments?

A: our peels and treatments perform the following functions:

  • Minimize fine lines & wrinkles
  • Skin firming
  • Minimize pigment issues
  • Skin brightening
  • Treats acne
  • Treating acne scarring
  • Treats brown spots
  • Treatment for ingrown hairs

Uniquely, Luxury Lotus Spa is a Skincare Spa in Tampa Florida located near the University of South Florida (USF) we are within driving distance of the University of Tampa (UT). We specialize in treating acne, acne scars, and uneven skin.

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  • Acne Treatment
  • Acne Scars Treatment
  • Ingrown Hair Treatment

In the same way, we are a Skincare & facial spa, we specialize in treatments for acne and acne scars, clear skin for melanin beauties. Equally, we know from personal experience how acne, acne scar, uneven skin, brown spots, and ingrown hair can affect your quality of life – they can hold you back from going after what you want in life.

Not to mention we are a facial spa in Tampa for men and women with darker skin tones. As a matter of fact, we provide clear, smooth, and even skin facials in the Tampa Bay area to help you live the life you deserve while looking and feeling confident and beautiful both inside and out.

Likewise, we understand beauty is a state of mind as much as a physical way of being. So, we exist to remind you: You are an original model, not a copy. God created you different for a reason.

Again… until next time, have a happy, healthy, and prosperous day

We also offer the following treatments & services

  • Full Body hair removal – Waxing Spa in Tampa

What should you do next?

visit www.LuxuryLotus to join our clear skin challenge. Then, visit to schedule your New client consultation and customized facial treatment.

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