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Luxury Lotus Spa is a facial, skincare, and waxing spa located in the heart of Tampa, Florida (FL). We specialize in clearing up brown spots, acne, acne scars, uneven skin tone, blemishes, ingrown hair, keratosis pillars, chicken skin/strawberry skin for clients with brown/highly melanated skin.

Apart from that, we want to help you see a clear, smooth, and even skin complexion. Equally, we are a Black-Owned & Operated Facial Spa & Skin Care Salon/boutique/spa near the University of South Florida (USF) and Downtown Tampa - Ultimately, we are in Hillsborough County and we would absolutely love the opportunity to earn your business.

Esther Nelson Tampa Florida About us at Luxury Lotus Spa

Esther Nelson, LE, LME, LNT, LFS

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My Story

About Luxury Lotus Spa -

Esther The Esthetician

Hi there, Welcome!! It's Esther The Esthetician here. I'm passionate about what I do as a skincare professional. I'm an island girl who can not sing or dance yet lol. I'm a middlevert (half introvert & extrovert), I am a bit awkward and nerdy at times, I'm full of positive energy. Equally important, I love dolphins and art. 

In the same way, one of my favorite thing to do is, sketch or read while lounging around at the beach. That's mainly because I can hear the sound of the waves. Also, being near water is extremely relaxing & soothing for my mind, body, and Spirit. For this reason, I'm a strong believer in whatever you think and/or surround yourself with, you become... 

Fun Facts About Me & The Spa

Work History-About Luxury Lotus Spa

For instance, from 2006-2016, I worked as a courtroom clerk (The clerk, not the court reporter) - I've had the opportunity of being the clerk on traffic, misdemeanor, and felony case hearings and trials. Of course, I enjoyed going to court every day- I learned something new every day. Furthermore, I had the opportunity of working closely with, public, court reporters, clerks, judges, attorneys, police officers, and various government personnel & agencies.

For instance, I'm certified to treat acne, acne, scars, and post-acne scarring for clients with brown skin like myself. In the same way, our skin is extremely delicate and requires specialized attention and care. For this reason, having been where you are today, I understand your struggles.

My Janelle Monae, Beyonce, and Chloe and Halle summer Experience!

Undoubtedly, summer 2018 was full of surprises for me!! For instance, I went to my first-ever live concert in 2018 (at the age of 31!!). Of course, that summer, I ended up meeting and taking a picture with Janelle Monae In St. Pete, Florida (FL) - which I have hanging in our skincare boutique lobby proudly lol.

Of course, you will definitely see it when you come in :-). That same summer, I ended up seeing Beyonce and Chloe & Halle perform live in Orlando, Florida. Indeed, that was a summer to remember. It was the same summer I was officially diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 31 - With no known family history of Breast Cancer.

With the grace and mercy of God, plus, daily prayer, and support from family, friends, and a hand full nurse who genuinely cares, I can officially say, I'm a breast cancer survivor. I document the entire journey on my personal Instagram highlights. Of course, that battle left my skin looking extremely rough! see for yourself...
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@Esther_TheEsthetician on Instagram

Thank you soo much for taking the time out of your busy day to learn more about me and my business Luxury Lotus Spa- Tampa, Florida (FL). I would love the opportunity to earn your business.

About Luxury Lotus Spa

About us, Luxury Lotus Spa started in my apartment-dinning room area here in Tampa, Florida. When I graduated from beauty school in 2010, I actually turned my dining room area into my treatment room. As the business continued to blossom and flourish, it was time for me to take a leap of faith by taking a chance on myself, my passion, and my dream.


  • Evening Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation/Brown Spot/Acne Scars Specialist
  • Chemical Peels: Science & Application Hands-on Training
  • Expert in Topical Chemical Exfoliation - Safe & Effective Use
  • Certified Professional Skin Advantage Seminar 
    • Established proficiency in the identification of common skin conditions and their treatment, as well as the knowledge of peels safe & effective for Treating acne & acne scars for Black/African decent clients
  • Certified Professional Chemical Peels Science and Application 
    • Demonstrated proficiency in the application of chemical peels and how to successfully incorporate professional treatments and daily care products to work with clients lifestyle and skin care goals
  • Certified Advanced Peel Provider: Mastering Advanced Peel Applications - Advance Peel Expert for Brown Skin
    • Demonstrated expertise in the art of combining treatment  therapies for dramatic results.
  • Completed an Intensive Training to Become a Certified Eyebrows & Brazilian Wax Specialist

  • Certified to Treat brown skin and darker skin tone/complexion.
  • Trained & Certified to Treat Acne, Acne scars, brown spots, uneven skin, and Ingrown hair for men and women with brown skin
  • Certified Chemical Peels Specialist
  • Advance Peel Expert for Brown Skin
  • Certified to Address Adolescent Acne
  • Attended the  In-Depth Look at Melasma Training Seminar
  • Certified to Address & Customized a Treatment Plan for Adult Acne & Post Acne Scarring/Brown Spots 
  • American Heart Association BLS Provider
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More Information About Luxury Lotus Spa

Why I started Luxury Lotus Spa

Luxury Lotus Spa started purely by accident... because of my own personal struggles dealing with acne, acne scars, post-acne scarring/brown spot, strawberry/chicken/ingrown hair...


I was a mess lol. Back then, I had low self-esteem and I was self-conscious about everything!! Equally, I did not think very highly of myself. Because of my constant worry/fear - I was the worst kind of introvert!  

Fast forward to today, I love myself just the way I am. In the same way, I strive to help my clients reach their goals. I want to help my clients look and feel confident and beautiful, both inside and out. I would absolutely love the opportunity to help you reach your skincare goals in the next 6-12 months (Depending on where you are now).

What is it that our Existing clients like about us?

The Problem:

Is acne, acne scars, blemishes, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, or ingrown hair keeping you from enjoying your life? Are you tired of the endless cycle of breakouts followed by unwanted acne scarring that keeps you from feeling confident and beautiful?

Whether you are an introvert or someone who's currently struggling with acne and acne scars. We understand how uncomfortable it can be sitting in a room surrounded by others with little to no blemishes on their skin.

What we do that keeps them coming Back

The Solution

Well, help is finally here ♥ You deserve to look and feel your absolute best without feeling uncomfortable around others. Our skin care professionals can help you look and feel confident & beautiful both inside and out.

Beauty starts from within. 

Because we want you to love the skin you're in, we don't just focus on what's on the outside. Therefore, Using the highest quality product and professional equipment we customize treatments & home care products to address your unique skin condition.

It's not a one size fits all here at Luxury Lotus Spa. We understand that all skin was not created equal. Allow our trusted, trained, and certified skin care expert to help you look and feel your absolute best! both inside and out.

Our Profession Bio

About Luxury Lotus Spa - Esther The Esthetician

About Luxury Lotus Spa - Esther The Esthetician

My journey to becoming a beauty expert goes back to 2010 with my own personal struggle with acne, acne scars, and ingrown hair. It is through my work learning how to first improve my own skincare, and then my passion to bring this knowledge to others, that I came to truly understand this guiding principle:

Beauty is a state of mind as much as a physical way of being.

In my eyes, all of my clients are beautiful. But you may have blemishes, scars, uneven skin tone, sensitive skin or other conditions that inhibit you from looking and feeling your best. My calling truly is to help you transform your self-image from the inside out, using state-of-the-art facial, body and waxing techniques to reveal your exquisite self.

Facial Spa Tampa, facial spa for melanin beauties

Everyone is an individual, so there's no "one size fits all."

To best address your unique needs, I take the time to understand your goals and desires. and address your beauty care using skills honed through daily experience and ongoing education. Therefore, we take a multi-pronged approach to treat acne, acne scars, and ingrown hair using gentle chemical peels for mature skin (safe and gentle enough for darker/ethnic skin) or microdermabrasion for all skin types. Whatever you need, I’m here for you. Make-up should be optional. You deserve to have clear, smooth, and even skin. When I perform full body spa waxing services for women and men, I make sure that my clients are comfortable and at ease with the process.

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Esther is Certified Skin Specialist, but her entry into aesthetic begin in 2010 because of her own personal struggle with acne. And she recognized her calling, taking a multi-pronged approach to acne, chemical peels for mature skin, and microdermabrasion for all skin types. So, she takes a progressive approach to acne therapy for all skin types including sensitive skin, clearing up acne, acne scars, and uneven skin tones.

Male facial, men facial for ingrown hairs Spa facial and treatments for clear skin for men with ingrown hair

Be your best, without any stress

Life is full of plenty of challenges -- which is why I have made it my mission to make Luxury Lotus Spa an oasis of comfort and relaxation. By helping you escape the pressures and stress of everyday life in an un-rushed, relaxed atmosphere, you’ll be able to access a healthier, more vibrant and youthful version of yourself. My goal is to help you achieve flawless skin on the outside while promoting inner beauty.

I look forward to helping the true, beautiful you blossom! For more about our services, click here.

-Esther Nelson ☺
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Community Involvement

We love to give back.

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We are pleased to share with our Tampa community a new program Esther launched for pre-teens and teens in foster care:

free skin care treatments to treat acne or uneven skin tone.

For these children and for all of our clients, we understand how blemishes and other noticeable skin conditions can lower a person’s confidence and sense of self. 

Clear, beautiful, glowing skin can do wonders to bolster self-esteem -- it’s our pleasure to provide this service at no charge to children in foster care. (Ask for details.)

Luxury Lotus Spa (Facial Spa, Skin Care, Acne Clinic ) in Tampa FL

We provide a more personalized, private, and comfortable spa experience 

Esther Nelson Tampa Florida About us at Luxury Lotus Spa Luxury Lotus Spa Full Body waxing services in tampa, Florida (FL) Brazillian, Eyebrow wax, under arm wax, full face waxing services

Full Body Waxing Services Available

Body waxing is such an intimate and personal experience.

We provide a clean, friendly, comfortable, and private environment for all of your waxing needs. 

She was very welcoming when I arrived she sat down with me and listened to all the issues I'm currently having with my skin and provided much needed feedback on opportunities to achieve my desired results. She was very gentle with my skin and before applying a product she let me know what is was and what it does. She also recommended products for me to use at home

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