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Ever felt defeated and overwhelmed?

Ever had so much on your plate that you didn’t know what to do next?


That’s how I’ve been feeling lately! So much to do and so little time.


I’m sure you can likely relate. Work obligations, school obligations, personal obligations, and everything else that needs to be done.


What’s your ritual for when you are feeling overwhelmed and defeated?


With soo much to do and sooo little time to get it all done.


I realize that I need to create a ritual for when I’m feeling overwhelmed & defeated 😕… like I’m feeling now.


One thing I’ve done in the past took a ~ 2.5-hour drive to go lounge around at rainbow springs state park🌈 #rainbowsprings #rainbowspringsstatepark 😍💗👌




Go sit by the beach with my sketchbook for a few hours.


Sometimes you need to take a breather and step away from everything in order to gain clarity and be able to truly assess your current situation.


Have you ever felt like this?


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