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Best way to Treat Acne for Melanin Beauties Globally. Luxury Lotus Spa™

Acne problems can bring negative emotions to anyone – some actually encounter bouts of depression. Everyone is vulnerable to acne regardless of their gender and age. There have been reports saying that

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All About Rosacea: What is it, Who has it, What cause it, what triggers it, and How to treat it.

What is Rosacea?
Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that can cause sensitivity, excessive flushing, persistent redness, broken capillaries, and breakouts. Often times this condition is mistaken for

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How to treat or cure Keratosis Pilaris aka: Chicken Skin or Strawberry Skin for women with darker skin tones.™Luxury Lotus Spa

Many Blacks/African American men and women struggle with it, however, very few realize there are treatments available from home to provide a little bit of relief. It can’t be permanently cured or

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Finding the right cleanser for women with darker & ethnic skin.™Luxury Lotus Spa

A cleanser works to break up the surface tension on your skin and remove make-up or debris that has accumulated. Cleansers should be used 2x per day. In the morning since your skin naturally shed dead

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The Best Food for Beautiful Skin – Eating For Beauty.™Luxury Lotus Spa

How Can Vegetables Improve Your Skin? Eating plenty of vegetables is an easy and inexpensive way to improve your skin’s appearance.   Different vegetables can support and nourish your skin. Here

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Sleep your way to healthy skin.™Luxury Lotus Spa

The New Study is In: About Your Beauty Rest   Your nighttime Zs do more than just help rest your mind and body  Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to skin health; not getting enough sleep

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What’s SPF? How to find the Right Sunscreen for darker skin women

Do women with darker skin tones need to wear sunscreen daily? In today’s blog post, we will be talking everything sunscreen for my melanin beauties. I will also give you some tips on how to find

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Skin cancer awareness month: Melanoma Monday

NATIONAL MELANOMA MONDAY May is designated as Skin cancer awareness month. Included in that designation is National Melanoma Monday, which is the first Monday in May. The American Academy of Dermatology

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Make-up Through the Ages

Hi There… It’s Esther here! Most women love to experiment and enhance their look with make-up. As a teen or younger we might play with our sisters’ and mom’s makeup bags (much to their

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Why it’s smart to ‘go-pro’ with skincare

What do you know about your skin already? Hi There… It’s Esther here! We all know how important it is to choose the right skincare products. If you get your products right, they will leave

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