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Lash extensions – what do I need to know?

What you should know about lash extensions. Lash extensions are becoming more and more popular, and it seems that no self-respecting star ventures out without a full set of voluminous lashes. But are they

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Skin Care Tips for Acne/Acne Scar Prone Skin w/DIY Skin Care Regimen

Skin Care Tips for Acne Prone Skin Hey-Esther here. I hope you certainly are having a fabulous day today. Because the  National Survey I looked at yesterday stated that “87% of women are confused

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My Journey to Finding Skin Care & Make-up Product for Ethnic Skin

How do I find the right products for your melanin/ethnic skin? Click play below! to Listen to this Blog Post Now As I’m sitting writing this blog post, my client Chanel comes to mind because of a comment

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5 tips to help prevent acne

Check out today’s blog for the top 5 tips to help prevent acne for those with acne prone skin. Listen to the Podcast Episode now: Tips for the acne‑prone Dealing with acne is hard, but we’re

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